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Will Eco-Friendly Homes Help Our Rainforests?

Even if you’re not a nature enthusiast, it’s hard to ignore the extent to which our modern world has come at the expense of nature. We’ve destroyed tens of thousands of acres of forests every day since the industrial revolution began and it shows no signs of slowing down. Besides deforestation, we’ve also been clearing […]

What Global Warming is Doing to the Earth

Global warming and climate change are one of the most pressing challenges facing humanity today. Global warming has the potential to drive large-scale displacement of people, destroy ecosystems, and even lead to wars. However, there has been great progress in understanding global warming in recent years thanks to research advances made in the field of […]

Environmentalism: Why You Should Pay Attention?

Sustainability and the natural environment are part of daily life, from the news we read to the news we don’t want to hear about. The environmental problems at hand make a buzz for both positive and negative reasons. While there are many negative impacts that these environmental concerns have on our planet, it’s important to […]

7 Agricultural Causes of Climate Change That You Should Know About

Ever since man started cultivating crops, we’ve been altering the environment around us. Without you knowing it, agriculture has increased global temperatures, has caused the sea level to rise to staggering heights, and even heatwaves and air pollution. Global climate change or global warming is a problem that we face today as we continue burning […]